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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hyatt Regency....You Better Watch Out!

Water for ElephantsI recently stayed at your hotel in Jacksonville Florida and I valeted my vehicle, I left that evening to purchase food and returned my vehicle to valet that evening. I checked out that morning. My passenger and drivers doors opened for me and my luggage loaded. I drove 30 minutes and pulled over for gas. I returned from the attendant cashier and got a look at my front hood and noticed a 4 inch scratch and dent on my vehicle. I contacted the hotel and a claim form was faxed to me. I completed the claim form and contacted the management regarding the status. Mr. Liscomb said that he had completed his investigation and that he would not honor my claim because I had not realized the damage before I checked out of the hotel. I am sure that all parties will claim that they are obsolved of liability. I valetted my vehicle in care your establishment and upon it's return it was not in the same condition as it was in when I released it to your care. The reason I stayed in your establishment rather then choosing a motor lodge or a motel 6 or any other hotel is because I have an expectation of care, service and responsibility. Until this is resolved I can't really tell the difference between your organization and any other hotel establishment that is along the side of the road. This never happened at Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, or Marriot, but it did happen on your watch. I can definitely see why this organization made the mistake of not bringing resolution to this, but I can afford the repair. I just wanted to give you and your affiliates the opportunity to do the highest and best action that you could offer. What I have gotten so far is that no one wants to own any responsibility for wrong doing. The fault then is mine for choosing irresponsibility over responsibility. I am sure that you can relate to this. No legal issue here just a moral issue.


Chet Jones

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