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Monday, September 27, 2010

Modify Save Your Home

Mortgage Modification is a good option to save your home from foreclosure or to just make your home affordable.  Many homeowners have received forbearance agreements which are temporary solutions and have considered this a mortgage modification.  Forbearance agreements are mortgage modifications, but not in the since that the term is used by house counselors. 

House counselors generally consider mortgage modifications a permanent solution.  When a homeowner receives the a lower interest rate or a payment lowered by $100 or is given terms resulting in a higher payment, but repays the past due balance; a homeowner is typically grateful.  This is not the optimal situation for the homeowner, but some are satisfied because of the payment reduction relief or because they of a feeling of self worth for repaying a past due balance. 

House counselors would generally get a modification with permanent favorable consequences.   Past due payments are placed on the back as a silent second.  Silent seconds can also occur if house value has been reduced because of foreclosures in their neighborhood.  In most cases, modifications can occur that have the most favorable results with the assistance of  a house counselor.   

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don’t Worry About China, Japan Will Finance U.S. Debt

I am posting this because the treasury bonds have been getting investors that offset China's shedding of the dollar.  I told this story in a much different way a month ago, but this was my meaning.  I actually called the Japanese Yen, Chinese...of course I know that the Yen is Japanese.   Forgive me for the currency confusion, but the substance of my conversation is referenced in this article.

By Alex Frangos

China has been diversifying its $2.5 trillion reserves away from the dollar, causing some to worry that less Chinese buying of Treasurys would cause U.S. interest rates to rise and make it more difficult for the government to borrow.

National flags of Japan and the U.S. are seen near a graph displaying the movements of the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen foreign exchange rates at a dealing room in Tokyo September 15.But Japan’s dollar buying in currency markets Wednesday shows Chinese reserve diversification might actually lead to even more demand for Treasurys.

Here’s how. As China diversifies out of U.S. dollar-denominated assets such as Treasurys, it is buying debt denominated in the currencies of some of its biggest trading partners. Not wanting to lose competitiveness themselves, those trading partners in turn buy dollars to keep their currencies cheap.

As part of the diversification push, China has been a major buyer of yen, snapping up $27 billion in yen so far this year according to Japan’s Ministry of Finance. Analysts say China’s buying has helped an already strong yen get stronger.

Now, Japan, feeling under pressure to weaken its currency, turned around and bought dollars, most likely in the form of Treasurys. It isn’t clear exactly how much dollar buying Japan will have to do to protect the yen from getting stronger, but it’s likely to more than offset China’s diversification into the yen. If the past is a guide, Japan spent $320 billion in its last intervention from 2003 to 2004. And this time the currency markets are 73% far larger, with $568 billion dollar-yen trading a day, according to the Bank for International Settlements.

Japan is not alone in this phenomenon. China has also bought South Korea’s currency, the won. And South Korea routinely intervenes in currency markets, buying dollars to keep its currency from rising too quickly, again offsetting China’s move out of the dollar.

Read this post in Japanese/日本語訳はこちら≫

Sunday, September 19, 2010


There are many things happening economically locally and worldwide that require action by every day citizens.  Which makes my quote for the day "Your cost is the choices that you make".  Inactivity is just as bad as activity involving a bad decision. Jobs are increasing in the private sector nominally.  Government jobs will decrease and be replaced by technological advancements between military divisions and contractors.  Major contractors with prior experience will be the first in line for most contracts.

Private jobs will increase but they will be related to business start ups that support privatized industries for outsourced operational tasks.  Other jobs will be related to service industries that operate and grow as a result of referrals.  Familiarity creates the comfort zone for clients.  Tax business, insurance business, administrative support operations, green technology exposure, health, wellness, intellectual property monetization, certified professional jobs, fish farming, import/export, investment in residual opportunities, unconventional funding operations, online business and staffing services are some of the businesses that can generate revenue from familiarity (referrals ) and social networking.  Money is available from a variety of sources, including grants, investors and capitalization platforms.

Getting access to these businesses and opportunities is a matter of choices.  Get prepared and align yourself with the right organizations, people, places and opportunities.  Act now because the world market is shifting and moving fast in the underbelly of the existing economy. The current economy will shed it's skin and the under skin will slowly become the skin that seamlessly becomes our reality. As this occurs, tax law's will change that will require new ways of doing business.  What will you do and what choices will you make?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Super Support Services and Opportunities Firm

Global Enterprises Trust is a company established to counsel individuals on financial matters. Our focus is on loan modification with banks for homeowners, payroll processing and tax services for small to mid-size businesses and home business opportunities nationally.  Speak with one of our HUD certified house counselors to see if you qualify for mortgage loan modification.  A team of accountants are available to assist your business in payroll processing and tax preparation. Global Enterprises has flexible and affordable payroll services for single individuals or national organizations. Global Enterprises will identify labor related tax credits going back up to five years.  Global Enterprises is seeking to expand in all areas of our business by providing those interested in home business opportunities with training, certification and support nationally.

Global Enterprises is your connection to success.  GET gives you access to a knowledge base that allows you to be successful in starting your own business by educating you and certifying you to join us in developing your own business opportunity.  We can operate as your business engine or agent.  As an agent of your business we connect you to our relationships and opportunities.  As an engine of your business you are allowed to outsource the financial administration of your operation so that you have ongoing support and are postured for growth.   

Get information, direction, strategy, relationships and success.  The cost of it all is your choice.  Our organization is committed to building over 1,000,000 operations nationally that are owned and operated by everyday people seeking wealth and opportunity that can provide our services through there relationships.  Contact us now 770-895-4385 for the how, the who, the when and the where.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

65--Dental Gold

Ref: 629199 Buyer: Department of the Army, Georgia
Solicitation: W91YTV10T0287
Title: 65--Dental Gold
Category: 339 - Miscellaneous Manufacturing
Ends: 12 days 16 hrs 2 mins
(9/24/10 12:00 AM EST)
Buyer: Department of the Army, Georgia, USA
Location: Georgia, USA
Contact: Carla Horsager, 706-787-7723 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 706-787-7723 Southeast Regional Contracting Office
Southeast Regional Contracting Office, ATTN: MCAA SE, Building 39706, Fort Gordon, GA 30905-5650


The US Army Medical Command Southeast Region has a requirement various Dental Gold Alloy items. The Government intends to award a sole source contract for this requirement. The suggested contractor is Jensen Industries, 50 Stillman Road, North Haven CT 06473.

77 ounces JCB Gold Alloy with the following alloy content: 62% Au, 9% Cu, 25% Ag, 3% Pd and must contain les than 1% Zn, Iu and Ir.

7 ounces Premiere Gold Alloy with the following alloy content: 85% Au, 12.4% Pt and must contain less than 1% ZN, Iu and Ir.

This is not a request for proposal. However, companies that can provide an equal product must submit their technical capabilities to include technical specifications of their product, past performance information, price and delivery time. This information will be reviewed by the Government technical representatives for consideration for future requirements

4th Annual SDVOSB/VOSB/SB Conference & Match Making Expo

When: 28-29 October 2010
Where: Tampa Convention Center 333 South Franklin Street Tampa FL 33602 813-274-8511/800-426-5630
Theme: "Building Relationships through Teamwork"

Back by popular demand, the 4th Annual Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)/Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and ALL other Small Business (small, small disadvantaged, 8(a), HUBZone, Woman Owned) Concerns and Educational Institutions are cordially invited to attend this event.

This conference will be held at Tampa's world-class, Tampa Convention Center located in downtown Tampa, Florida!!!

The focuses of this initiative are to partner with these small business concerns to: increase outreach participation, conduct market research for products and services, match making with industry and government agencies, meet with buyers from federal, state and local government agencies, as well as large corporations, provide educational training contracting and procurement processes and develop new long-term contractual relationships.

This site, has been launched and online registration is available for Attendees, Exhibitors and Sponsors. All Federal, State, County and City Employees will receive complimentary attendee with proper ID at time of registration.

Registration fees are determined for early, advance, late and on-site registration.

POLICY FOR REGISTRANT CANCELLATION: Registration cancellation before October 1, 2010 will incur a $25.00 administrative fee. Cancellation after October 1, 2010 and before October 20, 2010 will incur a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds will be provided after October 20, 2010 or for a "no show." Substitute attendees are encouraged. A credit card is required for reserving your attendance/space/sponsorship and verification emails will confirm your reservations. We are looking forward to seeing you again this year!

Contractor Award

This a MATOC award. 
Contact GSC for opportunities.
Solicitation Number:
W912HN-09-R-0051 Notice Type:
Award Contract Award Date:
September 7, 2010
Contract Award Number:
Contract Award Dollar Amount:
Contractor Awarded Name:
GSC Construction, Inc.
Contractor Awarded DUNS:
Contractor Awarded Address:

Initial Task Order for Infrastructure Support, Increment 3 (PN 76080) at Fort Benning, GA awarded for $1,999,965.00 to GSC Construction. The contact information for the awardee is as follow:
Mr. John Phillips
1727 Wrightsboro Road
Augusta, GA 30904-4074
(706) 736-1885
Additional Contract Numbers awarded within this MATOC pool are as follows:

W912HN-10-D-0050, Copper Construction, 410 McIntosh Street, Vidalia, GA 30474-3111, POC: Sam Page (912)537-6420

W912HN-10-D-0051, Dorado Services, 195 W. Seminole Blvd, Sanford, FL 32771-1272, POC: Fernando Neris (407) 688-0600.

W912HN-10-D-0052, ENVIRO AgScience, 1190 Buckner Road, Columbia SC 29203, POC: Dr. Louis B. Lynn (803) 714-7290.

W912HN-10-D-0053, Better Built Construction Services, 1240 Central Avenue, Middletown, OH 45044, POC: Damon Halsey (513) 727-8637
United States
Added: Jun 12, 2009 10:41 am Modified: Jun 22, 2009 2:49 pmTrack Changes
Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC), for Design/Build or Construction type task orders. Task orders issued under this MATOC can require performance of work anywhere within the South Atlantic Division Area of Operations (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi). Projects will typically be located on military installations within North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia; however, performance of work is not solely restricted to such. A project requiring use of civil funds or otherwise termed as civil construction is not authorized under this contract.

This acquisition is being offered on a HUBZone set aside competitive basis. The life of the basic contract is for a base period of three (3) years with two (2) one-year option periods or $200M; whichever occurs first. The pool size (number of contracts that may be awarded) shall not exceed six (6) contractors. The pool of contractors which successfully receive an award will share the total contract capacity of $200M. The government will use a two-phase design build evaluation process. The order limitation of task orders, to include the seed task order that will be used for evaluation purposes and award of the initial contracts, shall range between $1M and $20M. Task orders issued under this MATOC will be firm-fixed price. The initial seed task order may include options.

Description of work: Task orders placed under this MATOC may be either of a design-build nature or that of a design-bid-build (construction only) nature. Work may include but is not limited to the design and construction of administrative facilities, recreational facilities, educational facilities, religious facilities, medical facilities, and training facilities to include ranges. Work is not solely restricted to new construction but may also include repairs, renovations, alterations, or additions to existing facilities, such as those already cited, or infrastructure such as roads, parking, drainage systems and utility systems. Generally, however, task orders anticipated to be issued under this MATOC will be primarily for new, vertical construction and associated site work.

Evaluation Criteria: As this is a solicitation for a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC), a seed task order will be provided to those Offerors invited to participate in Phase II for purposes of evaluation and in rendering the best value decision. Only that Offeror whose proposal provides the best overall value of those Offerors selected to be in the MATOC pool, if any, will also be awarded the seed task order. All other successful Offerors, if any, will be awarded a contract with a minimum guarantee of $2,500. The evaluation factors and their relative importance for both Phase I and Phase II of this solicitation and evaluation process are as follows:

Phase I: Factor 1-1 CORPORATE RELEVANT SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE, Factor 1-2 PAST PERFORMANCE, and Factor 1-3 TECHNICAL APPROACH NARRATIVE. Factor 1-1 is more important than factors 1-2 and 1-3. Factor 1-2: is equal in importance to Factor 1-3. Factors 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, together are equal importance to Factor 2-1.

Phase II: Factor 2-1, BUILDING FUNCTION AND AESTHETICS. Factor 2-2, QUALITY OF BUILDING SYSTEMS. Factor 2-3, SITE DESIGN. Factor 2-4, SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. Factor 2-5 PROPOSED CONTRACT DURATION AND SUMMARY SCHEDULE. Factor 2-6 SMALL AND SMALL DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS UTILIZATION. Factors 2-1 and 2-2: Equal in importance to all Phase 1 factors. Factor 2-1: A most important factor equal in importance to Factor 2-2. Factor 2-2: A most important factor equal in importance to Factor 2-1. Factor 2-3: Slightly less important than Factors 2-1 and 2-2. Factor 2-4: Slightly less important than Factor 2-3. FACTOR 2-5: Slightly less important than Factor 2-4. FACTOR 2-6: least important.

Price: All non-cost factors, when combined, are significantly more important than Price.
Award will be made to those Offerors whose technical submittal and price proposal contain the combination of the criteria requested that offers the best value to the Government. Proposals shall include sufficient detailed information to allow complete evaluation. The Government reserves the right to reject any and all offers. Offerors are reminded that while the Government may elect to consider data obtained from other sources, the burden of proof of acceptability rests with the Offeror.

This solicitation will be issued in electronic format only. Paper copies of this solicitation will not be available. Other methods of requesting a package will not be honored. Phase I for this solicitation is anticipated to be available on or about 30 June 2009. Note: The Response Date referenced under General Information does not refer to the PROPOSAL DUE DATE. Information on the PROPOSAL DUE DATE will be stated in the solicitation. Offerors must register in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) at After completing CCR, contractors and their subcontractors must register at in order to download RFP documents. Contractors with existing FedTeds logins should be able to use their existing logins. In order to locate this solicitation, Contractors can go to FedBizOpps and search for the solicitation number at Contractors can register to be put on a plan holders list that others can access through the FedBizOpps site. It is the Offerors responsibility to check the Internet address provided as necessary for any posted changes to this solicitation and all amendments.