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Friday, April 8, 2011

Funding Options Using New Market Tax Credits, Bonds and Equity

Obtain information on New Market Tax Credits. I will also forward more information on NMTC and other funding options to anyone that leaves their email address in the comments area or anyone that request information at

If you have any questions please contact me at 404-825-6604 and if you would like to speak with any of the team members they will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Team Members

Chet Jones- finance and strategic consultant for business development and funding. Mr.Jones has the capacity to fund deals using bonds, private equity, and institutional investors. Mr. Jones has worked with Ted Turner in day to day operations when Ted was running Turner Broadcasting.

Al Collins managing partner- Raintree Holding Group (CDE) Community Development Entity which the New Market Tax Credit must flow through CDE to fund deals in low income communities. Also Mr.Collins has extensive relationships with HUD,private investors, and government entities that focus on urban mixed use development.

Michelle Jones

Comfort Systems USA is the team she work with. which will fund and build commercial projects

where the principals will keep control of 35% of the project and no equity position is needed after completion.

– Ms. Jones is the Founder, President and CEO of Eternal Life Changers, Inc.,

parent company of THE` Emmanuel, LLC of New Orleans, LA. She is responsible for strategic

planning, business development and capital acquisition for the company. Prior to founding Eternal

Life Changers, Ms. Jones served as a grant writer for the University of Connecticut, where she wrote

and received many grants, as well as, served as the administrator for all the grants in excess of

$90,000,000.00. The Cancer Center, General Clinical Research Centers, and Green House Effects

in the inner cities, are some of the projects over the last 17 years that Ms. Jones spearheaded for the

University of Connecticut. Ms. Jones was solely responsible for getting the location, employees,

supplies, computer systems, and administration of Governmental grants for these projects. Currently

she is the manager of Total Community Action Federal Credit Union in New Orleans, Louisiana. In

less than 5 ½ months of her tenure at the credit union, she has successfully secured in excess of

$500,000 that will be used to provide low interest loans to members of the community. Seventeen

years of financial experience and 12 years of Management experience has prepared her with

incredible skill with knowledge of Local, State, and Federal rules and regulations.

Lernie C. Jones – Mr. Jones is VP of Operations & Vice-President of Logistics, THE` Emmanuel,

LLC of New Orleans, LA. He founded J & J Rehabilitation & Construction Co. in 1987. J&J was

incorporated in Nov.1990. Mr. Jones, a 2 generation tradesman, is a graduate of Southern Illinois

University 1987 with a degree in Construction Engineering.

Mr. Jones has 20 years of experience in construction and development management. Now

as president of J&J Rehabilitation and Construction Company of Chicago Ill, a subsidiary of J & W

Development, J & J Holding. Currently J & J Rehab and Construction are in engaged in building 2

condo towers on an $181M project.

Mr. Jones is also heading up development on South King Drive for single family homes which are a

$36M project, and in Aug of 2007 one of the homes was featured on Forbes magazine as one of the

best houses under $1m with such amenities. They range from $920,000 to $940,000.

Mr. Jones’ Affiliations include the following:

• Black Contractor’s United

• African American Region Committee

• Signator, Chicago Carpenters Union

• Cosmopolitan Chicago Chamber of Commerce

• Building Association of Americaichelle Jones

Ahmed Wadsworth

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