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Friday, October 10, 2014

You stop ebola by implementing a surfaced based protocol because this is where the germs are! This study shows that defense protocol for continued surface and air pathogen kill is a requirement!

Where the Germs Are: New Study Finds Office Kitchens and Break Rooms are Crawling with Bacteria

ROSWELL, Ga. - May 23, 2012 - If you thought the restroom was the epicenter of workplace germs you don't want to know about office break rooms and kitchens.
The place where U.S. workers eat and prepare their lunch topped the list of office germ "hot-spots," with sink and microwave door handles found to be the dirtiest surfaces touched by office workers on a daily basis.
The findings are from a study carried out by Kimberly-Clark Professional* and is believed to be one of the most detailed and comprehensive studies ever conducted on identifying workplace hotspots where germs can lurk. Hygienists from Kimberly-Clark Professional* The Healthy Workplace Project* collected nearly 5,000 individual swabs from office buildings housing more than 3,000 employees. The participating office buildings represented a broad cross-section of office "types" including manufacturing facilities, law firms, insurance companies, healthcare companies and call centers.
According to the study, which was carried out in consultation with Dr. Charles Gerba, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona, the percentage of the office surfaces tested and found to have high levels of contamination (an ATP count of 300 or higher), includes:
  • 75 percent of break room sink faucet handles
  • 48 percent of microwave door handles
  • 27 percent of keyboards
  • 26 percent of refrigerator door handles
  • 23 percent of water fountain buttons
  • 21 percent of vending machine buttons
In addition, half of all computer mice and desk phones were found to have ATP levels above 100, suggesting that while people appear to be taking more responsibility for the cleanliness of their personal spaces, there is still a need for increased awareness of the importance of hand and surface hygiene in the office.
The bottom line? Office workers are potentially being exposed to illness-causing bacteria right in their own lunchrooms, as well as elsewhere around the office.
"People are aware of the risk of germs in the restroom, but areas like break rooms have not received the same degree of attention," said Dr. Gerba. "This study demonstrates that contamination can be spread throughout the workplace when office workers heat up lunch, make coffee or simply type on their keyboards."
The results reinforce the crucial role of contract cleaners, whose services go a long way in successfully disinfecting office common areas at the end of every day. However, because kitchens and personal work spaces can become instantly re-contaminated, employers need to arm their employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to reduce the spread of germs. Simple solutions, like placing sanitizing wipes in kitchens and providing employees with easy access to hand sanitizers, underscored by education in hand and surface hygiene, can serve as the impetus to engage employees in maintaining a healthy office environment.
"This study demonstrates that contamination is all over the workplace and has the potential to reach people where they eat and prepare food, as well as elsewhere," said Brad Reynolds, North American Platform Leader, The Healthy Workplace Project*, Kimberly-Clark Professional. "No one can avoid it entirely, but by washing, wiping and sanitizing, employees can reduce their rates of cold, flu and stomach illness by up to 80 percent."
The Testing Methodology and Complete Results
Using a Hygiena SystemSURE II™ ATP Meter, a device commonly used to monitor sanitary conditions in industry, hygienists swabbed the objects to measure levels of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is present in all animal, vegetable, bacteria, yeast and mold cells. Detection of ATP indicates the presence of contamination by any of these sources. Everyday objects with an ATP reading of 300 or higher are considered to have a high risk for illness transmission. Objects with an ATP reading between 100 and 300 suggest room for improvement in the cleanliness level.
About The Healthy Workplace Project*
The Healthy Workplace Project* is a multi-faceted program designed by Kimberly-Clark Professional to help companies provide their employees with a healthier and more productive office environment. It offers a unique approach to hand and surface hygiene that helps employees understand how germs are transmitted to help stop their spread throughout the workplace. The program provides educational materials in conjunction with hand and surface hygiene products to employees, arming them with the tools and knowledge necessary to break the cycle of germ transmission in the office. By reinforcing the importance of "washing, wiping and sanitizing" through The Healthy Workplace Project*, employers can help reduce that impact.
For more information on Kimberly-Clark Professional and The Healthy Workplace Project* visit
About Kimberly-Clark Professional
Kimberly-Clark Professional partners with businesses to create Exceptional Workplaces*. Kimberly-Clark Professional helps transform workplaces making them safer, healthier, and more productive. Key brands in this segment include: Kleenex, Scott, WypAll, Kimtech, and Jackson Safety. Kimberly-Clark Professional, located in Roswell, Ga., is one of Kimberly-Clark Corporation's four business segments and can be visited on the web at
About Kimberly-Clark
Kimberly-Clark and its well-known global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. Every day, nearly a quarter of the world's population trust K-C's brands and the solutions they provide to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being. With brands such as Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex and Depend, Kimberly-Clark holds the No. 1 or No. 2 share positions in more than 80 countries.

EBOLA....Surface treatment should be the 1st line of defense!!!!!! Here is that initial Protection!

A Liberian Man died yesterday of Ebola. Why was there no medicine or vaccine for him? Why is there not a first line of defense established as a protocol for travel, restaurants and other public facilities? I say we are all at risk and policy should be in place or liability should be assessed upon public and private domains that don't take the necessary precautions.
Lawyers should make an example of companies that don't do the minimum, such as surfaced base defense. Protocol guidelines should be to test, treat, and test again. No one people, company or government has adopted the proper lines of defense to establish protocol against the viral and bacterial war.
There is a local company that test for viral loads in public places, restaurants, sports stadiums, hospitals, airports, malls, meat packing plants and other locations. Their testing identifies virus's and bacteria that will cause infection and spread disease. The company also has effective treatment for these facilities. They have treated a host of facilities and hospitals.
They recently received the Lt. Governors award for best new technology for the state of Georgia. Their surface based treatment can effectively kill Ebola, MRSA, HIV and a litany of contaminants on contact that would kill humans or cause sickness. The treatment continues to kill for up to a year. They use a TiO2 mechanical particle that encapsulates and stops the virus from breathing or eating. Afterwards, it destroys the virus by tearing it apart. No adaption opportunity for the germs.

This is what is considered by a lot of companies and scientist within those companies as a first line of defense against the germ warfare. By the way many public facilities have been tested and I think you would find the results in your own facility quite stunning. They have treated facilities and tested before and after with third parties to protect the integrity of the results 12 months out.

 I believe that I could get these guys to provide treatment product and protocols to Missionaries in Africa to assist in stopping and eradicating the spread of Ebola. Here at home we need to encourage all powers that be to do the same. CNN and other News agencies should follow the progress of the offering of such solutions to reassure Americans that we are safe and give the world hope in the wake of this crisis. Let's stop Ebola and all strains from spreading and create a first line of defense. Prevention saves lives. Call 888-753-2521 for more information.  Share this with someone you love.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Travel Alert-Watch Out for Priceline.Com and American Airlines!

The last time I did this I was initially told no by the giant of a hotel, but in 30 days I received a check for $600.  Not about the money it is about a wrong being corrected. Every once in a while hiccups occur that should not go un-reported by consumers, because after all, it could happen to you.  This is what happened to me and this is what I did. 

I booked a trip via to Nassau flying out of Orlando MCO to Miami and then to Nassau.  Hotel accommodations included in the fair.  I am quite used to airports but because I live in Florida I have never flown into or out of surrounding cities.  What an experience.  I am used to Hartsfield-Jackson International and Jacksonville International where I know people, but Orlando is a different animal. 

I left from Jacksonville and thunderstorms arose from no where covering much of the state and the rain was a pour.  Prohibiting fast travel.  I got to the airport at 7:30pm and was not so busy no luggage to check, just a few gates, no lines, so I thought I am good right? Wrong!  When I got to the counter for American Airlines it was empty.  Now this was startling to me because they had planes on the ground and that is just good business.  Their kiosk did not work so there was no way to check in or obtain a boarding pass.

TSA directs me to the baggage claim for help and no one in baggage claim would contact customer service nor could they help.  I contacted customer after 3 hours of dropped calls and long waits for contact with a human voice.  Customer service had canceled my flight as a no show and told me that I had to book another flight.  There where 2 legs to the flight.  So I could see canceling that leg, but to cancel the total flight... are you serious? 

Priceline informed me that they could do nothing, but they would be keeping my money and that was that.  Now me being the person that I am...I call a spade a spade and this was clearly wrong and unjustified.  These airline mergers and reduction of service do not serve the public at all.  Flights keep increasing while service suffers and consumers are treated with disdain and don't seek avenues for resolution and that provide notice to other consumers.  

I am delayed on a business opportunity as a result, but I did get smarter as a result of this rendezvous with injustice.  I went direct to a counter in Ft. Lauderdale and found that JetBlue and Nassau Air are inexpensive and accommodating.  Direct is better then priceline and airlines with increasing deficiencies.  I am an advocate for destination countries Airlines and I will fly via their Airline in the future because after all if I am traveling to a country that has their own why not be direct, American businesses in some cases take local consumers for granted.  We need to take the time to deliver complaints and avoidance of businesses that have a don't care attitude. 

I am boycotting American Airlines and pending resolution of the complaints that I have filed against both as promised to there customer service teams.  I escalated my concerns, but did not get resolution with their customer service team most of which is outsourced and without teeth to act.  This in itself says that companies hire teams to hear concerns and provide no effective remediation via escalation and they have no way to make a consumer whole. 

I filed complaints with a Consumer Complaints Organization, FAA, Federal and State DOT, FTC, Inspector Generals Office, DOJ and Attorney Generals Office.  I plan to issue letters and direct letters to my attorney.  File a civil and criminal complaint as well as file a UCC claim against the CEO, President and Operations Officers of both Business as well as the corporate entities themselves on any assets that I can identify.

Now this may seem overboard, but if you are wronged you have to let the parties that wronged you know first that I don't want to engage in litigation, but if you do not make me whole that I will engage and I will not stop until I have resolution.  Please take note and do the same when this happens to you.  If you are interested in the results subscribe to this blog.
File your own consumer complaint at:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

HSA Contribution Limits

IRS Releases 2015 HSA Limits
On April 23, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) via Revenue Procedure 2014-30, released inflation-adjusted health savings account (HSA) contributions and high-deductible health plan (HDHP) limitations for calendar year 2015.  These limits are indexed for inflation and released annually by June 1 for the following year, as established under the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006.

An HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account that belongs to the person who establishes it and must be paired with a qualified high-deductible health plan (HDHP).

Anyone who participates in an HDHP can make HSA contributions for the tax year generally through April 15 of the following year – and in some instances, other parties including employers also make a contribution on behalf of each employee who is participating in an HDHP.

The 2015 limits are as follows:

2015 Annual HSA Contribution Limits:
Self-only HDHP coverage: $3,350* (up $50 from 2014)
Family HDHP coverage: $6,650* (up $100 from 2014)

*However, an individual who has reached the age of 55 by the end of the calendar year may contribute an additional $1,000 per year.

2015 Annual HDHP Minimum Deductibles:
Self-only coverage: $1,300 (up $50 from 2014)
Family coverage: $2,600 (up $100 from 2014)

2015 HDHP Out-of-Pocket Limits: (includes deductibles, copayments and other amounts, but not premiums)
Self-only coverage: $6,450 (up $100 from 2014)
Family coverage: $12,900 (up $200 from 2014)

For a copy of Revenue Procedure 2014-30, please click on the link provided below.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Business Framework for control, group investment, tax compliance and protection.

Global Enterprises Trust assist many businesses in determining and establishing the framework that is essential for achieving success, control, tax avoidance and protection.  The primary goal is to maintain integrity between investors that have pooled their resources for investments and protecting those investments. 

The last thing that is needed is for values to diminish after an investment is made.  No one is interested in bringing parties to the table that cause dilution of hard earned investment dollars.  Therefore, vehicles and buy/sale arrangements have to be planned and thought out long before anything occurs that will cause values to lower because investments are sold as a distressed item and not as a valued commodity. 

Criteria for acceptable parties must be established for those invited to participate in an investment pool.  The initial criteria is the investment vehicle is going to be an S Corporation.  Therefore everyone should sign stock purchase agreements that will stipulate that stock will be purchased by investors that are invited to invest and held for a period of time before any buy sale action will be valid or activated. 

The only reason for not adhering to this agreement is termination for cause such as malfeasance, fraud, violations of fiduciary responsibility for active parties of the corporation, or eminent default of a return to investors of their initial capital.  The only calculable termination is eminent default which would result from making a bad investment outside of the established investment criteria or unforeseen market conditions that are beyond any of the parties control that causes the asset purchased to lose value and not be sold for at least investment cost.

Each investor in this case should have disbursement of profit to a simple LLC which will allow schedule C reporting of expenses related to meetings, travel, investing that is direct to the investor.  Any investment into the LLC that purchases equipment etc., offers depreciation and on investment by the LLC into other organizations can be capitalized and amortized.  A lot of flexibility here. 

Investors seeking a Trust, a ROB, a self directed IRA disbursement into a ROB C Corp should raise their hand for the structure request for these vehicles.  Each one has tax advantages and limitations depending what is to be achieved with the particular investment program.

Buy/Sale agreements should be signed by each investor as well as an affidavit stating that each investor is qualified to invest funds that the investment of these funds present no hardship to their existing financial position.    An investment criteria should be signed and any investments made outside of this criteria be done by corporate resolution that is provided as a result of quorum vote. Voting should be authorized to occur via conference call, Skype conference, or teleconference. 

Investment criteria will be based on property purchased at 50% below market and resold at a minimum of 65% of value as is or 85% of value ARV.  A minimum of one investment using 70% of funds should be turned over per quarter to turnover 100% of funds semi annually.  In a perfect world, the funds would turnover every 90 days and be readily available for reinvestment.   

Investment estimated profit and loss will be provided upon investment inception disclosing details such as subject property address, interior and exterior pictures of the property, assumed value based on comps and research, cost of renovation with quotes and job cost reports (if required), potential buyers and/or tenants, life cycle of the project and proof of prequalification or lease, disclosure of how property will be titled, Trust, LLC or Company.

Upon purchase, sale, lease and/or renovation completion and sale.  HUD 1 will provided to the parties with a full accounting of revenues and expenses.  A summary of overall project any variances report good, bad or indifferent. 

Funds will be disbursed according to corporate resolution, individual direction and or agreement. Investment Management provided by Global Enterprises Trust.  Accounting services provided by Global Enterprises' Trust agent Chet Jones.  Real Estate and Tax Deed Acquisition and Sale provided by Michael Scott.   Wholesale properties provided by Unity Investment Group.  Call 888-753-2521 for more information or email me at

Obtaining wealth is easy, having the discipline and nerve it takes will require courage and faith! Several steps to change courses away from tax and continual cashflow!

I have given tons of advice and direction to those who seek wealth, but lack courage, stamina and/or discipline to get to the next step.  Many people would see me and lack enough courage or faith to use the direction that I lay before them, sought other experts that lack understanding and then come back a few years later in the same or worse position. 
Currently, if you evaluate your current position are you financially fit?  Are you tax free?  Have you used debt to increase your wealth? Can you access cash out of your CD or IRA or SEP or 401K without the risk of incurring penalties?  Do you have cash in a bank or CD earning under 50% interest annually?  Do you have cash in a mutual fund that you control?  Do you have a guaranteed wealth position?

I would assume for many that your answer to all these questions are no.  If you answered yes to any of these questions then I am all ears as to how and would love to compare plans, but if no, then I would like to sit down with you and redirect your path by providing you with a clear path to financial success by using a system that is customized for you in your current position. 
  • Obtain a self directed IRA, Rollover any or all of your investments into a self directed IRA or SEP
  • Obtain Universal Life Insurance Policies for yourself and your children using our strategy for tax avoidance.
  • Buy a businesses out of our pool with cash flows and leverage the cash flow to expand and pay return your capital...(repeat)
  • Buy a tax deed out of our pool of tax deeds obtain quiet title in 60 days and resale property upon receipt (pre-qualified buyers available) or keep and lease for cash flow.
  • Purchase properties out of our property pool and resale property upon receipt of title in 10 days (pre-qualified buyers available)
  • Use HSA to assist in lowering tax liability and obtaining medical coverage that provides a tax credit that provides a refund an lowers tax liability
  • Invest in properties that provide tax credits and lower tax liability.
  • Invest in offshore companies, IRAs and Trusts that provide income that is excluded from taxation. 
  • Establish Trusts that provide asset protection and direct non taxable income into wealth plans for your children, grand children and generations to come.
Let's start with where you are now and no matter where it is and obtain a real path toward financial success that is achievable in 60 months.  Let me just say that if you don't reach your financial goals in 60 month then every fee that is charged by me will be returned to you paid in full. 
There is limited space available and therefore everyone is not eligible for this program because I can only take on a select group every six months. Therefore, interested parties should contact me and request a financial fitness evaluation at  or call 888-753-2521.  Let me provide you with a free financial fitness evaluation to customize a program customized for you to accomplish your financial goals in 60 months or less.