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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Controller.Net

Global Enterprises Trust has a saying, “Longevity is Success”. The team at “The Controller.Net” has over 75 years of experience in the area of payroll processing, monthly financial reporting, personal financial reporting, systems integration and automation. Many of our operatives have prepared pro forma budgets and been involved in budget analysis. This detailed analysis of variances can be used to assist companies determine their appetite for business development and help them make better decisions in their day to day business operations.

Teaming arrangements between our organization and that of our clients can improve cash flow. Our expertise in the area of preparing business plans; strategic planning and contract management can put your company on the cutting edge or turn your business bottom line from red to black. Accounting tricks are not needed to improve our client’s position, but what is needed is tax planning and strategy that lowers tax liability and promotes growth. All this translates into an organization that can take advantage of opportunity.

Let us provide the infrastructure that your organization needs to help finance growth utilizing debt, equity and hybrid structures. Our organization wants to help you obtain funding using equities, tax credits and/or bonds. Engaging our team as your consultants and accountants will give you a superior administration and finance department without the cost associated with this labor intensive operation. Use us as the tool that is usually reserved for major Wall Street organizations seeking public funds that maintain GAAP and GAAS accounting infrastruture. Eligible clients seeking capitalization using securities can engage our team to guide them into becoming a CDE, as well as showing them how to use securities as a revenue generator and funding vehicle. Invest in your future and improve your customer relations and financial backbone, because now you can improve your customer retention and market share

Our government relationships, management programs and marketing strategies will put your company far ahead of the competitor. Our project management expertise can assist you in delivering the deliverables on time. Our company provides real time management, essential proposal writing, centralized purchasing opportunities, internal and external reports that combine to result in a favorable bottom line.

Increase your organizations equity by engaging our team for the purchase of real estate or to guide you through mergers and acquisitions. Real time reports mean getting meaningful information for decision making that translates into sales, revenue and accounting profits. Our team provides seminars that give away more information than our competitor’s sale. Our team adds value every step of the way. Our value added proposition is integrated in a way that qualify many of our clients for equity infusion from tax credits. Our team can assist you in establishing the correct business form i.e. LLC, LLP, Inc., Trust, or a Sole Proprietorship. We are ready to deliver; so, what are you waiting for to engage our team?

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