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Monday, May 12, 2014

Obtaining wealth is easy, having the discipline and nerve it takes will require courage and faith! Several steps to change courses away from tax and continual cashflow!

I have given tons of advice and direction to those who seek wealth, but lack courage, stamina and/or discipline to get to the next step.  Many people would see me and lack enough courage or faith to use the direction that I lay before them, sought other experts that lack understanding and then come back a few years later in the same or worse position. 
Currently, if you evaluate your current position are you financially fit?  Are you tax free?  Have you used debt to increase your wealth? Can you access cash out of your CD or IRA or SEP or 401K without the risk of incurring penalties?  Do you have cash in a bank or CD earning under 50% interest annually?  Do you have cash in a mutual fund that you control?  Do you have a guaranteed wealth position?

I would assume for many that your answer to all these questions are no.  If you answered yes to any of these questions then I am all ears as to how and would love to compare plans, but if no, then I would like to sit down with you and redirect your path by providing you with a clear path to financial success by using a system that is customized for you in your current position. 
  • Obtain a self directed IRA, Rollover any or all of your investments into a self directed IRA or SEP
  • Obtain Universal Life Insurance Policies for yourself and your children using our strategy for tax avoidance.
  • Buy a businesses out of our pool with cash flows and leverage the cash flow to expand and pay return your capital...(repeat)
  • Buy a tax deed out of our pool of tax deeds obtain quiet title in 60 days and resale property upon receipt (pre-qualified buyers available) or keep and lease for cash flow.
  • Purchase properties out of our property pool and resale property upon receipt of title in 10 days (pre-qualified buyers available)
  • Use HSA to assist in lowering tax liability and obtaining medical coverage that provides a tax credit that provides a refund an lowers tax liability
  • Invest in properties that provide tax credits and lower tax liability.
  • Invest in offshore companies, IRAs and Trusts that provide income that is excluded from taxation. 
  • Establish Trusts that provide asset protection and direct non taxable income into wealth plans for your children, grand children and generations to come.
Let's start with where you are now and no matter where it is and obtain a real path toward financial success that is achievable in 60 months.  Let me just say that if you don't reach your financial goals in 60 month then every fee that is charged by me will be returned to you paid in full. 
There is limited space available and therefore everyone is not eligible for this program because I can only take on a select group every six months. Therefore, interested parties should contact me and request a financial fitness evaluation at  or call 888-753-2521.  Let me provide you with a free financial fitness evaluation to customize a program customized for you to accomplish your financial goals in 60 months or less. 

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