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Friday, October 10, 2014

EBOLA....Surface treatment should be the 1st line of defense!!!!!! Here is that initial Protection!

A Liberian Man died yesterday of Ebola. Why was there no medicine or vaccine for him? Why is there not a first line of defense established as a protocol for travel, restaurants and other public facilities? I say we are all at risk and policy should be in place or liability should be assessed upon public and private domains that don't take the necessary precautions.
Lawyers should make an example of companies that don't do the minimum, such as surfaced base defense. Protocol guidelines should be to test, treat, and test again. No one people, company or government has adopted the proper lines of defense to establish protocol against the viral and bacterial war.
There is a local company that test for viral loads in public places, restaurants, sports stadiums, hospitals, airports, malls, meat packing plants and other locations. Their testing identifies virus's and bacteria that will cause infection and spread disease. The company also has effective treatment for these facilities. They have treated a host of facilities and hospitals.
They recently received the Lt. Governors award for best new technology for the state of Georgia. Their surface based treatment can effectively kill Ebola, MRSA, HIV and a litany of contaminants on contact that would kill humans or cause sickness. The treatment continues to kill for up to a year. They use a TiO2 mechanical particle that encapsulates and stops the virus from breathing or eating. Afterwards, it destroys the virus by tearing it apart. No adaption opportunity for the germs.

This is what is considered by a lot of companies and scientist within those companies as a first line of defense against the germ warfare. By the way many public facilities have been tested and I think you would find the results in your own facility quite stunning. They have treated facilities and tested before and after with third parties to protect the integrity of the results 12 months out.

 I believe that I could get these guys to provide treatment product and protocols to Missionaries in Africa to assist in stopping and eradicating the spread of Ebola. Here at home we need to encourage all powers that be to do the same. CNN and other News agencies should follow the progress of the offering of such solutions to reassure Americans that we are safe and give the world hope in the wake of this crisis. Let's stop Ebola and all strains from spreading and create a first line of defense. Prevention saves lives. Call 888-753-2521 for more information.  Share this with someone you love.

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