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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Travel Alert-Watch Out for Priceline.Com and American Airlines!

The last time I did this I was initially told no by the giant of a hotel, but in 30 days I received a check for $600.  Not about the money it is about a wrong being corrected. Every once in a while hiccups occur that should not go un-reported by consumers, because after all, it could happen to you.  This is what happened to me and this is what I did. 

I booked a trip via to Nassau flying out of Orlando MCO to Miami and then to Nassau.  Hotel accommodations included in the fair.  I am quite used to airports but because I live in Florida I have never flown into or out of surrounding cities.  What an experience.  I am used to Hartsfield-Jackson International and Jacksonville International where I know people, but Orlando is a different animal. 

I left from Jacksonville and thunderstorms arose from no where covering much of the state and the rain was a pour.  Prohibiting fast travel.  I got to the airport at 7:30pm and was not so busy no luggage to check, just a few gates, no lines, so I thought I am good right? Wrong!  When I got to the counter for American Airlines it was empty.  Now this was startling to me because they had planes on the ground and that is just good business.  Their kiosk did not work so there was no way to check in or obtain a boarding pass.

TSA directs me to the baggage claim for help and no one in baggage claim would contact customer service nor could they help.  I contacted customer after 3 hours of dropped calls and long waits for contact with a human voice.  Customer service had canceled my flight as a no show and told me that I had to book another flight.  There where 2 legs to the flight.  So I could see canceling that leg, but to cancel the total flight... are you serious? 

Priceline informed me that they could do nothing, but they would be keeping my money and that was that.  Now me being the person that I am...I call a spade a spade and this was clearly wrong and unjustified.  These airline mergers and reduction of service do not serve the public at all.  Flights keep increasing while service suffers and consumers are treated with disdain and don't seek avenues for resolution and that provide notice to other consumers.  

I am delayed on a business opportunity as a result, but I did get smarter as a result of this rendezvous with injustice.  I went direct to a counter in Ft. Lauderdale and found that JetBlue and Nassau Air are inexpensive and accommodating.  Direct is better then priceline and airlines with increasing deficiencies.  I am an advocate for destination countries Airlines and I will fly via their Airline in the future because after all if I am traveling to a country that has their own why not be direct, American businesses in some cases take local consumers for granted.  We need to take the time to deliver complaints and avoidance of businesses that have a don't care attitude. 

I am boycotting American Airlines and pending resolution of the complaints that I have filed against both as promised to there customer service teams.  I escalated my concerns, but did not get resolution with their customer service team most of which is outsourced and without teeth to act.  This in itself says that companies hire teams to hear concerns and provide no effective remediation via escalation and they have no way to make a consumer whole. 

I filed complaints with a Consumer Complaints Organization, FAA, Federal and State DOT, FTC, Inspector Generals Office, DOJ and Attorney Generals Office.  I plan to issue letters and direct letters to my attorney.  File a civil and criminal complaint as well as file a UCC claim against the CEO, President and Operations Officers of both Business as well as the corporate entities themselves on any assets that I can identify.

Now this may seem overboard, but if you are wronged you have to let the parties that wronged you know first that I don't want to engage in litigation, but if you do not make me whole that I will engage and I will not stop until I have resolution.  Please take note and do the same when this happens to you.  If you are interested in the results subscribe to this blog.
File your own consumer complaint at:

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