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Sunday, September 19, 2010


There are many things happening economically locally and worldwide that require action by every day citizens.  Which makes my quote for the day "Your cost is the choices that you make".  Inactivity is just as bad as activity involving a bad decision. Jobs are increasing in the private sector nominally.  Government jobs will decrease and be replaced by technological advancements between military divisions and contractors.  Major contractors with prior experience will be the first in line for most contracts.

Private jobs will increase but they will be related to business start ups that support privatized industries for outsourced operational tasks.  Other jobs will be related to service industries that operate and grow as a result of referrals.  Familiarity creates the comfort zone for clients.  Tax business, insurance business, administrative support operations, green technology exposure, health, wellness, intellectual property monetization, certified professional jobs, fish farming, import/export, investment in residual opportunities, unconventional funding operations, online business and staffing services are some of the businesses that can generate revenue from familiarity (referrals ) and social networking.  Money is available from a variety of sources, including grants, investors and capitalization platforms.

Getting access to these businesses and opportunities is a matter of choices.  Get prepared and align yourself with the right organizations, people, places and opportunities.  Act now because the world market is shifting and moving fast in the underbelly of the existing economy. The current economy will shed it's skin and the under skin will slowly become the skin that seamlessly becomes our reality. As this occurs, tax law's will change that will require new ways of doing business.  What will you do and what choices will you make?

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