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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grants Available - Become an Admissions Counselor

This is the beginning of a job/self-employment/entrepreneurial craze.   What is this opportunity?   This is an opportunity to become an admissions counselor and sale online educational classes in fundraising certification.  The admissions counselor certification is absolutely without cost provided that you obtain a grant to get enrolled to take the online training class.

The training course takes about 40 hours total and requires 1 week of intense study.  The course training will cover the techniques to selling our online educational course, the guidelines for maintaining your sales license upon completion of the course, the steps to setting up your website, how to generate leads using online marketing techniques and how to setup the phone campaign.  All of this will serve as the what, who, how, when and where that is needed to establish your online educational sales force. 

Grants are provided by Forum for Enterprises in association with FAO.  You have to  pass the test in order to activate your certification.  Currently, we are seeking over 100 AC's all over the nation.  Subscribe to our blog, complete the course, pass the test, setup your website and you can begin a new career as an AC.  Sale 3 clients, complete the AM course, pass the test and become an AM.  Projected salaries for AC's is approximately, $1,000 per week, AM salaries are projected at $10,000 per month.

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