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Thursday, December 17, 2009

State of Georgia Have you done business with the state?

Many businesses submit bids to do business with the DCA state of Georgia only to find out that they don't meet the criteria. Part of the criteria will be to have done successful business with the state recently (3 to 5 years). Now many businesses have to be wondering is this a trick question; or should I overlook this question and let them know of the successful business that I have done with other organizations so that they will see that I have credibility.

Unfortunately, businesses that have a successful history with organizations that have not done business with the state of Georgia will be disqualified to act as a GC in a bid submission. The best way to align your business with the state is to begin collaborating with existing business on existing projects. A lot of stimulus funds will actually be transferred via HUD to the DCA and from there it will be accessed via winning bidders that submitted proposals in answer to RFP's let by the state. Now those winning bidders had to start somewhere and that place is where I am telling you to start right now.

Large operations within the state of Georgia will be the GC on many projects let by DCA and it would be wise to identify those vendors and submit a statement of qualifications to them before they select a team for upcoming bids. Most information about the money and the allocations can be accessed on the HUD website and a few other sites on the internet. This research can be done at this site, so that you can determine which jobs you may be interested in pursuing. DCA's website will provide public information about the vendors that are successful bidders, but that probably won't get you through the door of the current work on tap. Posture your organization for success by marketing to these organizations via networks, direct communication and other subcontractors that are in the know.

The state moves slowly so plan for their process to access contracts, but once you go through the hoops then you are on your way to success. Once you are a vendor with a track record then you fit the criteria to be rewarded with a contract as a GC. Provided that you are able to reach out and become affiliated with larger operations that are vendors which will engage you as a subcontractor. Although, your organization must be prepared to make minimal profits up front. The key is to get access and in order to get access you must be able to answer the question "Have you done business with us before?” positively.

Additional groups and organizations that can be approached are CHDA's, CDC's and Faith Based Organizations that are seeking to become CHDA's. Collaboration is the key to success. A little patience won't hurt either.

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